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Luxury German Kitchen Design Specialising in Nolte Kitchen

A bespoke kitchen design from The Kitchen Group

The Kitchen Group is a design lead luxury retailer of German kitchens, specializing exclusively in Nolte Küchen. We are suppliers of both Modern and Traditional kitchen ranges, helping to create your dream kitchen space at the heart of your home.

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We have kitchen showrooms in 15 locations nationally run by a dynamic team of cutting-edge and experienced kitchen designers. Check out some of our recent bespoke kitchen installations in our newly developed showrooms or come and visit us to book a design appointment.

The Kitchen Group works on some of the most prestigious retail and property development projects in the UK, with luxury kitchen design projects in London; Kent - Sevenoaks, Tunbridge Wells, Sussex, Northampton and the midlands.



We are living in an age of possibilities. We create our world and our daily life based entirely on our personal wishes and needs. Driven by the freedom of deciding ourselves what we like and don't like. So even when choosing a kitchen, we don't just want a palette of standard products, but search harder to find something that is perfectly tailored to us and to which we can add a personal touch. In short: a kitchen with maximum individuality. A nolteneo kitchen.


Residential Projects

Bespoke case studies from the Kitchen GROUP

The Kitchen Group is proud to present examples of their fully designed, planned and installed made to order kitchens from German Kitchen brand, Nolte Küchen. All kitchens were supplied by The Kitchen Group.

Residential Projects




Modern or contemporary kitchens from The Kitchen Group embody simplicity, fluidity and calm. Our carefully created kitchens exude the ultra-modern with handleless cabinetry, effortless colour schemes and clean lines, inspiring culinary indulgence and tranquillity. This is made possible through our clever innovations which create peaceful and sleek cookware storage, and materials which add a cutting edge-style. Our contemporary kitchen ideas and designs always create beautiful luxury right at the heart of your home.

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CoNTRACT Projects

The Kitchen Group are the kitchens of choice for many of the UK’s major housing developers. Manufactured in Germany to the highest quality. Nolte Kitchens Projects offer a huge range of contemporary and traditional kitchens in many finishes, textures and colours. This allows architects and developers maximum choice to suit their budgets and development.

CoNTRACT Projects

Eloquent German Kitchens by Nolte Kitchens

Nolte Kitchens are one of Germany’s largest and finest suppliers of luxury German kitchens. With over 60 years of experience building German kitchens, Nolte Kitchen is able to deliver exceptional quality in every kitchen project designed. If you are looking for the highest quality of German kitchen design, then you need not look further than Nolte Kitchen, whereby exceptional quality, variety and service, reliability, and continuity are embraced.


The Kitchen Group: German Kitchen Specialist delivering Nolte Kitchen Quality

The Kitchen Group is focused on delivering the highest quality of German kitchen for customers. With The Kitchen Group specialising in Nolte Kitchens we’re able to help you build your dream kitchen using award winning manufactured kitchen designs. Our specialism across luxury kitchen design ensures we are able to support you making the best decisions to create a German kitchen that’s built with purpose and specific to your requirements.

Visiting one of our showrooms in the UK enables you complete access to the world of Nolte Kitchens. Visiting a Kitchen Group, Nolte Kitchen showroom ensures you can get a full experience of the luxury and quality our kitchens can provide. This also includes access to experience our 30+ ranges of kitchens, experiencing the 191+ colours we can deliver, 15 carcass colours, 46 worktop decors, 81 handles and more. Visiting a Kitchen Group , Nolte Kitchen Showroom truly gives you the luxury German kitchen experience and we can guide you through the journey to create your dream kitchen.


Nolte Kitchen Innovation

Nolte Kitchen is synonymous with exceptional quality, variety and service, reliability, and continuity. Being ‘Made in Germany’ Nolte Kitchen have instilled this into their legacy delivering a quality promise globally.


High Quality German Kitchens

Nolte Kitchens focus on nothing less than high quality kitchens. Production sites spanning 100,000 m2 in Löhne and Melle ensure we can deliver such quality products. Every inch of a kitchen is always given the finishing touches by hand to deliver maximum quality.


Varied Kitchen Ranges

Supplying Nolte Kitchens were able to provide 30 front kitchen ranges, 191 front colour variants, 15 carcass colours, 46 worktop decors and 81 handles. This means we have expansive variation to create your dream kitchen exactly as you see it.


Excellent Value

Nolte Kitchens have full flexibility to be catered to your specific space and budget. We’re able to work with you to find a solution to your dream kitchen ideas matching your space and budget.


Reliable Service

Each Nolte Kitchen showroom delivers expert kitchen designers ready to help you build your dream kitchen. Visit one of our showrooms today to start the beginning of your kitchen design journey.


Environmental Responsibility

Nolte Kitchen delivers upon promoting sustainability, which is echoed throughout the company’s values.