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Guarantee / Warranty

5 Years LEICHT-works warranty

In an extension of our confidence in the high LEICHT-quality standard, we are prepared to allow at our discretion, even after the expiry of the warranty period ,within which we are obliged to supply according to the requirement of our general sales-, delivery- and payment-conditions, with a view to function-safety and quality of workmanship, the supply of replacements or repair of faulty parts without charge.

Prerequisite is the proof that a relevant undisputed defect already existed at the time of transfer of goods (ex-factory) and that original replacement parts by the supplier are still available. The exception are installation costs, normal wear and tear as well as damages and faults which occur due to improper handling and external influences such as extreme heat, moisture, steam etc.

This also excludes colour changes arising from the normal ageing process, light and climatic influence.

Possible transport and consequential costs for removal and installation will also not be accepted by LEICHT.

For electric appliances, lights, commercial goods as well as all items not manufactured by LEICHT, the relevant suppliers’ conditions apply.