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WHY MODULEOAs a division of the IVC Group, Moduleo® offers a diverse range of durable, stylish products with excellent customer service and unparalleled “green” credentials. Be it for home, office, or commercial use, Moduleo® offers a luxury solution for the ultimate in natural-looking and durable luxury vinyl floor

Our floor tiles consist of up to 50% recycled materials and can be reclaimed and recycled at the end of their product life. They are all made at our ‘green’ factory in Avelgem, Belgium, which meets the strictest EU air and water pollution standards and will shortly be run energy from our own, private wind farm.

What is a Moduleo design floor?

  1. Protectonite PU: Extra Polyurethane (PUR) treatment protects the floor against scratches and dirt

  2. Wear layer: Transparent wear layer protects the design foil. The surface embossing provides an authentic and natural appearance.

  3. Design foil: Wood and tile designs are applied to the design foil by means of an innovative printing technique.

  4. Backing: Sound-proof base that provides optimal adhesion to the floor thanks to the refined texture of its underside. Is Moduleo® suitable for homes with pets?

  5. Although our Moduleo® floors are highly scratch resistant, regular trimming of the claws greatly reduces the chance of scratch marks on the floor.


ARE MODULEO FLOORS RESISTANT TO MOISTURE AND WATERModuleo® floors are highly moisture-resistant, making them ideal for installation in wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens.



Moduleo® floors can be installed easily on concrete floors and tiles, but careful preparation must be undertaken, including leveling and dust removal.



The boards can be installed length-wise as well as breadth-wise for the greatest freedom in design, although diagonal installation incurs more wastage. You can obtain the best effect if you install the floor in line with the most-used door in the direction of the main incoming light source.

However, if the room has multiple doors and windows, it is best for you to select the easiest method to lay the floo

Moduleo® floors can be installed easily on concrete floors and tiles, but careful preparation must be undertaken, including leveling and dust removal.



All Moduleo® floors are tested as per the stringent European standard EN 14041. This standard also requires the testing of the reaction of the design floor to fire, among other things. The minimum value that must be achieved in this test is “E”. Moduleo® floors more than satisfy the same and all have been assigned a category “B” score.


CAN I INSTALL MODULEO IN THE BATHROOM?Moduleo® is suitable for the entire house. Moduleo® floors are highly resistant to moisture, and thereby ideally suitable for installation in occasionally wet areas like bathrooms.


IS MODULEO SUITABLE FOR INSTALLATION IN MY KITCHEN?Moduleo® has a highly wear-resistant top layer. As a result, Moduleo® floors can easily be installed in a kitchen. Possible stains on the floor must be removed immediately.

Due to the Protectonite PU top layer, dirt and dust no longer get attached, and the floor can be easily maintained.