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Green kitchen ideas

Green in a kitchen may seem like a bold statement, however, it is a colour that embodies life, health and freshness; the ideal notions to fit in a place to prepare food and entertain guests. Whether you have the idea of a lime green kitchen or a mint green kitchen we will be able to truly deliver your concept making it a reality. Brighter or more muted shades of green can be designed into a bespoke LEICHT kitchen to complement modern or more traditional designs.

Mint, muted or pastel greens

Traditional kitchens in mint, muted or pastel greens can be a great alternative to white, as a way to exhibit a clean, fresh look but with the added dimension of subtle colour. It is now possible to have a modern green kitchen suite to suit your style. Darker sage green, when paired with wooden flooring and clean white tiles or work surfaces, can produce the perfect blend of contemporary and traditional. The darker, moodier tone of sage green is extremely modern and on-trend, and whilst paired with a clean white helps to bring a classical, traditional feel to life.

Green kitchen cabinets

Brighter lime green accents across kitchen cabinets paired with greys offer a fresh and fruity notion, creating an inviting kitchen to both cook and eat in. Green pops of colour amongst more minimalist grey tones create a sleek, but fun and lively kitchen, perfect for the modern professional or those who like to entertain.