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Broadoaks Way

This residential kitchen installation project in the heart of Bromley had installed a LEICHT kitchen that used a combination of our ranges, showing you how we can be versatile to deliver your dream kitchen. This kitchen was designed to be seamless which is echoed throughout.


This kitchen includes:

  • A great kitchen space that leads on the garden
  • A light grey is the prominent colour throughout the kitchen cabinetry
  • The kitchen has been fitted with near floor to ceiling cabinetry which delivers storage as well as some of the kitchens largest appliances, which include:
    • Siemens built in fridge
    • Siemens built in freezer
    • Siemens Single Oven installed twice
  • Along the length of the kitchen, you’ll find floor to worktop cabinetry that looks elegant and seamless.
  • The worktop is a quartz Caesarstone Snow that is 20mm in thickness. This delivers great countertop space for the kitchen.
  • In the heart of the kitchen, you’ll find a kitchen island and breakfast table which are right next to each other to maximise the kitchen space.
  • The kitchen island which is same colour as the cabinetry also has the 20mm thick quartz worktop which comes in white.
  • The kitchen island also delivers additional kitchen storage.
  • Within the heart of the island on the worktop you’ll find a high-end Siemens induction hub with a black glass.
  • Beside the island you will find a laminate wood breakfast table in an oak smoke silver which adds colour contrast to this elegant kitchen.
  • This kitchen is fitted with high end appliances which include the Siemens Fridge, Freezer and two single ovens as already mentioned, also included are:
    • Siemens Canopy Extractor Hood
    • Siemens fully integrated dishwasher
    • Siemens studio line ceiling hood
    • Caple Wine Cooler with Black Glass
  • LED kitchen lighting was also added underneath the island cabinetry as well as underneath the upper cabinetry against the wall to add a warm feel to the space.
  • Included in the island you’ll find further cabinetry storage space along with a Caple Black Glass Wine Cooler.
  • This modern kitchen is also fitted with the latest high-end appliances which include:
    • The Bora Pure Induction cooktop
    • Caple Wine Cooler
    • Liebherr Built in Freezer
    • Siemens Acool Built in Fridge
    • 2 Siemens Single Oven either side of each other
    • Siemens Fully integrated dishwasher
  • LED light was also added above all the upper tier cabinetry and at the bottom of it to add a warm atmosphere to the space.

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