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Canonbury Park South

This residential project delivers an exquisite alpine grey kitchen with a matte finish. The alpine grey here is complemented with mid-brown cabinetry to add depth to the grey throughout this kitchen. This project also takes advantage of LEICHT’s CLASSIC-FS and CERES-C ranges to create a combined stunning finish, which looks extremely modern and contemporary.

This alpine grey kitchen design includes:

  • Alpine grey recessed handle cabinetry throughout the entire lower level of the kitchen to deliver a subtle colour and a smooth all-around finish.
  • Floor to ceiling cabinetry to make the most of the space available. They also help to hide Miele's built-in appliances such as the built-in fridge and freezer.
  • Next to the floor to ceiling cabinetry, there is also a suite of kitchen appliances from our appliance partner Miele.
  • This kitchen has several appliances all by Miele built into the cabinetry which include:
    • A Miele dishwasher fully integrated
    • Builtin Miele in Fridge and Freezer
    • x2 Miele single steel ovens
    • A Miele Pureline Steam oven
    • A Miele Pureline Microwave oven
    • A Miele Induction Unit
  • The sink area benefits from a Quooker Pro3 Flex Stainless Steel tap head which utilises Quooker’s scale control technology
  • The Quooker tap is fitted to a Quooker Cube sink fitted into the worktop and for a final finish, a Food Waste Dispenser has been fitted.
  • While most of the kitchen focuses on the alpine grey cabinetry across our Classic FS range the cabinetry above the induction hob utilises our Ceres-C range delivering walnut cabinetry to this well designed kitchen.
  • The worktop itself that spans across the kitchen is a quartz unistone concreto with 20mm thickness which complements the alpine grey superbly.
  • The worktop was also designed to span across the end of the kitchen to create a 2 seat breakfast bar.

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