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Humber Road

Humber Road

This residential project located in South East London had installed a modern LEICHT kitchen from our & Ikono Bondi range. The kitchen has an elegant structure whereby the olive grey matt cabinetry meets the bright, clean elegance of a quartz white worktop around the kitchen. The kitchen itself is very complimentary and seamless comes together with the use of colours and space to make it a great space.

 This kitchen includes:

  • A great space whereby the kitchen is a couple of levels higher than the rest of the room, allowing us to make use of the space.
  • Firstly, the white walls, delivers a bright clean canvas.
  • On side of the kitchen, we installed state of the art cabinetry from the LEICHT modern kitchen Ikono & Bondi range. The colour chosen for the cabinetry was a matt olive grey which delivers character and depth to the space. This side of the kitchen includes:
    • High End kitchen appliances
    • Floor to worktop cabinetry
    • The worktop is a white quartz Dekton Aura with a 12mm thickness which holds a high-end 1810 sink (Axixuno 500u) which is completely stainless steel.
    • The worktop effect has been added to the backsplash of the wall to continue the affect and then there is additional olive grey cabinetry above and to the side.
  • In the middle of the kitchen, you’ll find an peninsula island connected to the wall in a light grey colour. The range is impervious to fingerprints with a premium matt lacquer anti-fingerprint finish.
  • The island includes a Bora Pure high end hob induction with an integrated cooktop extractor in black.
  • Included in the peninsular island you’ll find further cabinetry storage space along with a built-under Caple Black Glass Wine Cooler.
  • This modern kitchen is also fitted with the latest high-end appliances which include:
    • The Bora Pure Induction cooktop
    • Caple Wine Cooler
    • Liebherr Built in Freezer
    • Siemens Acool Built in Fridge
    • 2 Siemens Single Oven either side of each other
    • Siemens Fully integrated dishwasher
  • LED strip lighting was also added above all the upper tier cabinetry and at the bottom of it to add a warm atmosphere to the space.

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