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Sandleford Warren

Sandleford Warren

This residential kitchen takes full advantage of our Bossa range, which delivers the beautiful Walnut Wood cabinetry finish while incorporating our Classic FF range. This kitchen delivers a great framework of how to combine your browns, whites and greys to make a stunning appearance within your kitchen.


This walnut wood, kitchen which a white and alpine grey  design includes:

  • A high finish wood veneer cabinetry which spans a floor to ceiling height in one corner of the kitchen. The walnut cabinetry delivers not only a bold colour into the kitchen but also a great space for building in appliances and storage.
  • The floor to ceiling walnut cabinetry is hiding several built-in appliances such as your fridge and freezer.
  • Within the floor to ceiling cabinetry, it also houses two Siemens ovens side by side to ensure you have the necessary equipment to utilise this fantastic kitchen.
  • The rest of the cabinetry throughout the kitchen utilises an alpine grey, which exists in the lower cabinetry against the wall and within the kitchen island itself.
  • The alpine grey cabinetry fully complements the white marble effect tiles that have been installed across the flooring.
  • Continuing the marble effect across the kitchen the worktop was superbly chosen to continue the trend of a marble effect.
  • Installed into the lower cabinetry is also a wine fridge which fully shows the thought process that went into this elegant but contemporary kitchen.
  • The island across the middle of the kitchen not only delivers an excellent induction hob for cooking but also serves as more storage underneath for further cabinetry and a worktop which allows for a breakfast bar at the other end.
  • This kitchen is a great example of bringing multiple different colours and patterns that can work superbly together. The Walnut cabinetry complements the white walls. The white walls seamlessly slot into the marble worktops. The marble worktops also match the marble tiles on the floor. The grey patterns throughout the marble fit perfectly with the alpine grey that’s been used in this kitchen. Then to also complement the walnut cabinetry, walnut coloured breakfast bar stools have been used.

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