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Tunbridge Wells

Our stunning new modern kitchen showroom in Tunbridge Wells opened in Summer 2017. In order to see just how stunning our luxury modern kitchens are you should step into our newest showroom. Nolte Küchen designers will talk you through the kitchen renovation process and work closely with you to make sure you get the bespoke kitchen you're dreaming of.


Welcome to our Modern Kitchen showroom in Tunbridge Wells

Our showroom in Tunbridge Wells is fully equipped for you to get an exceptional experience so you can fully understand the German Kitchen experience. Whether you are interested in modern kitchen designs or traditional designs our showroom will be able to help you deliver the concept of your dream kitchen and make it a reality. Regardless of where you are in your kitchen journey, we will be able to help support you on your journey. We will ensure we create you the colour scheme you’re after and it matches your expectations. We will ensure your cabinets, worktops and walls all match the space accordingly.


German Kitchens in Tunbridge Wells

Our German kitchens offer innovative and flexible modules so we can deliver the exact kitchen you’re after that matches your vision and requirements. We are able to deliver designs across modern or traditional Nolte Küchens in a number of colours to find the kitchen that suits you.



Nolte Küchens are elegantly engineered German kitchens which deliver the very best of quality kitchens in Tunbridge Wells. The Nolte Küchen design enables the use of carcase variant’s which means we can create your kitchen idea or concept from scratch. If you are looking for the highest quality kitchens then visit our showroom in Tunbridge Wells and arrange to peak to one of our experienced kitchen designers. This is an opportunity to experience the quality Nolte Küchen first hand whiling creating the bespoke finish you desire.